Union Reports

The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 Section 21(4) states that The Central Government shall, every year, place on the table of each House of Parliament a report on the measures taken by itself and by the State Governments in pursuance of the provisions of this section.

The reports of the union government have brief details on the functioning of the union level mechanisms, data from the National Crime Records Bureau, and summaries of the reports received from the states vide Rule 18 of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules 1995. 

* Consolidated Report

Parliamentary Questions

# Question # Date Subject LS/RS Member
1 AU1388 26.07.2022 Relief and rehabilitation LS Naba Kumar Sarania
2 AU4152 29.03.2022 Pendency in court 2018-2020 LS Rajendra Agarwal
Jagdambika Pal
Chaudhary P P
3 AU3144 22.03.2022 Crime statistics 2018-2020 & Relief 2018-2022 LS Haji Fazlur Rehman
4 AU929 08.02.2022 Special courts LS Sarmistha Sethi
5 AU1012 08.02.2022 States with contingency plan LS Naba Kumar Sarania
6 AU2729 14.12.2021 Crime statistcis 2016-2020 LS Girish Chandra
7 AU2350 03.08.2021 Fund for social justice LS Annasaheb Shankar Jolle
8 AS323 17.03.2020 SVMC Meetings 2016-2018 LS Ravikumar D
9 AU2530 03.01.2019 Violence against SC women LS Kumari Selja
10 AU3962 06.04.2017 Special courts & crime statistics 2013-2015 LS Ranee Narah

Citizen's Reports

A compendium of 30 years of Indian and global experience, analysis and study on the implementation of the The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989. Released on 11 September 2019 – the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of the Act.

Elusive Search for Justice

20 Years Review 2009

Other Reports

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