Instant Monetary Relief (Dr Ambedkar Foundation)

The ‘Dr. Ambedkar National Relief to the SC/ST Victims of Atrocities Scheme’ provides instant monetary relief to the victims of heinous offences of atrocities (murder, rape, arson, complete and permanent disability) under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.
This additional relief could be up to ₹5.00 lakhs.

Scale of relief amount
1. Murder/ Death
1.1 Earning member of a family – ₹5.00 lakhs
1.2 Non-earning member of family – ₹2.00 lakhs

2. Rape – ₹2.00 lakhs
3. Arson leading to complete homelessness – ₹3.00 lakhs

4. Disability (complete and permanent disability leading to loss of earning capacity)
4.1 Earning member of a family – ₹3.00 lakhs
4.2 Non-earning member of a family – ₹1.50 lakhs

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mobile: 8588038789

Dr. Ambedkar Foundation,
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These documents detail the eligibility and procedures:


Travel allowance and daily maintenance expense (TAME, Rule 11), remain the same regardless of the section invoked and must be paid immediately or within three days at the latest.
  1. Entitlement: Travelling allowance, daily allowance, maintenance expenses, and transport facilities during investigation and trial for the days they visit the investigating officer or in–charge police station or hospital authorities or Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police or District Magistrate or any other officer concerned or the Special Court.
  2. Eligibility: Victims, dependents and witnesses, and attendants (Rule 11).
  3. Attendants: Every woman witness, victim or dependent, a minor, a person more than sixty years of age and a person having 40 per cent or more disability are entitled to an attendant of their choice. The attendant is entitled to TAME as applicable to the victim (Rule 11(3)).
  4. Travel allowance: To and fro rail fare by second class train or actual bus or taxi fare from place of residence or place of stay to the place of investigation or hearing of trial (Rule 11(1)).
  5. Daily maintenance expenses: Paid for the days away from the place of residence or stay during investigation, hearing and trial. Not less than the minimum wages for the agricultural labourers in the state (Rule 11(4)).
  6. Diet expenses: Rate to be fixed by the state government. This is in addition to TAME (Rule 11(5)).
  7. Hospitalisation expenses: Reimbursement for medicines, special medical consultation, blood transfusion, replacement of essential clothing, meals, and fruits provided to the victim(s) of atrocity (Rule 11(7)).
  8. Payment: Immediate or not later than three days (Rule 11(6)).
  9. Responsibility: The District Magistrate or the Sub–Divisional Magistrate or any Executive Magistrate shall make necessary arrangements for providing transport facilities or reimbursement of full payment (Rule 11(2), 11(6)).


There is monetary and material relief provided under Rule 12(4) Schedule Annaxure I and II. It sets out the minimum cash relief for each section invoked, and how much at each milestone in payment (generally on filing the FIR, charge sheeting, and at the end of the trial). 

The schedule also has provision for socio-economic rehabilitation such as a house and government jobs, and restoration of services and natural resources when they have been made unusable in an atrocity. The stage-wise details of the relief due are given in the table below. 

Tamil Nadu has enhanced the relief from 85,000 – 8,25,000 to 1.00 lakh – 12.00 lakhs.

Socio-economic Rehabilitation

The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and Rules, 1995 have precise timelines, amounts for instant monetary relief (Rules 12(5), 15(1)(a)), relief (Rule 12(4) Schedule Annex I and II), and socio-economic rehabilitation ((Rule 12(4) Schedule Annex I, Rule 15(1)) depending on the section invoked. 

Section 15A(6) makes it the duty of the judge of the special court or exclusive special court to ensure compliance with all provisions – Section 15A, Rules 11, 12(4), 12(5), 15(1) – in full and on schedule during inquiry, investigation, and trial (not only after the case comes up for trial).

The table below brings together Section 3, Rule 12(4) Schedule Annexe I, Rule 12(5) and Rule 15(1)(a) – the Dr Ambedkar Foundation norms for instant monetary relief – and the IPC sections for ready reference. It can be sorted by column so that concerned organisations and individuals can verify and ensure that the FIR and chargesheet have both the POA and IPC sections, and the instant monetary relief, relief, and socio economic rehabilitation are fulfilled as per law and on schedule.